Chatting with the LEGEND Charlie Daniels!

I am SO FORTUNATE to get to meet and talk to some really cool people with my job and I don't ever take that for granted. But, MAN! I just hung up the phone with Charlie Daniels.



The story I told at the beginning was 100% true. I got my first violin at eight years old and all I wanted to do was learn how to play "The Devil Went Down To Georgia." To this day, when I hear that song, I stop what I'm doing and crank it up. What a great, timeless, classic song.

And Charlie Daniels....what a great, timeless, classic artist! Charlie will be with Alabama next Friday at the Greensboro Coliseum, and Friday, October 11th in Charlotte at the Spectrum Center. That is going to be a great couple of nights of Country music!!

And that phone call I mentioned? Here it is in it's entirety. Extra special thanks to Mr. Daniels for taking the time to call. I'm so grateful!

Chatting with Charlie Daniels

Photo credit: Erick Anderson

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