Colton The Bachelor and Carrie Underwood trade hilarious tweets!

I think it's safe to say that a lot of us were glued to the TV last night watching night number one of the two night Bachelor finale... a LOT of us! Not only was I watching, but I was also following along on Twitter. Twitter is always pretty funny to watch during the Bachelor because there are a lot of hilariously snarky tweeters. I see it as a bonus form of entertainment.

Last night, Twitter was lighting up over Colton breaking off his two remaining relationships, professing his love for Cassie repeatedly, and his new hairdo... which I pretty much thought was hot but a lot of people wanted to make fun of it. And then I noticed my favorite Twitter exchange of the night. It started with The Bachelor's Twitter account promoting the two-night season finale of The Bachelor, which also made fun of all of the tears that were cried this season while Carrie Underwood's "Cry Pretty" played in the background. It then segued into a pretty clever plug for Carrie's upcoming tour, which kicks off here in North Carolina at the Greensboro Coliseum May 1st!

Carrie then chimed in with a crying/laughing emoji and #NoRelation

Annnd then Colton pretty much won the internet with his "Before He Cheats" reference... and of course he made mention of jumping the fence haha!

Pretty funny! And now? We all get to look forward to seeing the finale of the Bachelor tonight and find out if "Love Wins."

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