Dr. Oz shares the warning signs of a stroke

I think it's safe to say that all of us were shocked and saddened last week when we heard of actor Luke Perry's massive stroke at 52, and then yesterday, we were even more shocked and more saddened to learn that Luke had passed away.

Dr. Oz took to his Twitter account and blog to share the warning signs of a stroke, and I thought it was a good reminder, so I am putting it here for you. Remember the acronym "B.E. F.A.S.T." to determine symptoms, which stands for Balance, Eyesight, Face, Arm, Speech, and Time:

Balance...stroke victims will often lose their balance.

Eyesight...eyesight will become blurry or you may actually lose part of your vision.

Face...one side of your face will droop when asked to smile.

Arm...if asked to raise arms, one arm may not move as symmetrical as the other.

Speech...speech will become slurred.

Time...time is of the essence. Don't waste it. If you think you or someone you know if having a stroke, as as fast as you can.

Read more on the warning signs of a stroke on Dr. Oz's blog here.

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