Kid Rock got a hole in one!

A big golf clap goes out to Kid Rock! Yesterday afternoon, he made his first hole in one at The Bear's Club, a private golf club in Jupiter, Florida that was founded by the Golden Bear himself, Jack Nicklaus. Jack happened to be on hand for the occasion when Kid sunk a hole in one on the second hole, which is a 175 yards long. Not too shabby!

Jack's Twitter account lit up with the news, saying "First hole-in-one for Bob Ritchie (a.k.a. @KidRock) Aced No. 2 at The Bear’s Club, 175 yards. Glad I slipped in some golf before settling in for some @TheHondaClassic action. Bob, the locker room thanks you for the free beverages!"

This isn't the first time that Kid's golfing has turned Jack's head. Last year, he was partnered up with Jack at the Bass Pro Legends and nailed a 40 foot putt, which also ended up on Jack's Twitter, as Jack boasted "Call him Bob Ritchie or @KidRock, but he’s always rock solid when it comes to entertainment! What a putt at the @BassProLegends! @markwahlberg@ChampionsTour@BigCedarLodge BigCedarLodge #TopOfTheRock"

Sounds like Bob is a guy you want in your foursome!!!

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