Michael Ray and Carly Pearce on the red carpet- BEFORE they were a couple!

Carly Pearce and Michael Ray have been together around a year. The news of their dating broke last July, and they both said that they had been dating a few months before that. They got engaged in Mexico the week before Christmas and they are definitely one of the cutest couples in Country Music, if not THE cutest!

But if you throwback two years to the 2016 ACM Awards, you'll find the most ironic video! Carly was working the red carpet as a correspondent, and along came Michael Ray. Somehow, they started singing "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys, and Michael exclaimed "This is great! We've got something!" to which Carly replied "let's just be a duo!"

And here they are! Fast forward to now, and it's easy to see that they DEFINITELY have something! And they are one heck of a "duo," aren't they?! AND they're both nominated at this year's ACM Awards; Michael for New Male Artist of the Year and Carly for New Female Artist of the Year.

Michael posted the aforementioned video on his Instagram with the most gorgeous message that read "What 2 years can do... This video was from the @acmawardsred carpet. CP was hosting and I was next in line to talk with her. We did the interview sang a line of BBS laughed and on with the night. I knew she was beautiful but what I didn’t know was I was looking into the eyes of the woman God had planned to be my wife. Fast forward 2 years and a lot of learning and growing later and I am now the luckiest man in the world to be able to look into those same eyes and see my fiancée and we both are celebrating@acmawards nominations. (My first nomination 🙏🏼) Watching this video for the millionth time and I just want to tell them both... y’all have no idea what’s ahead for you individually & together! Today has been a day of gratitude & reflection. I’m grateful for every step of this journey but walking it with you CP makes me love it even more. I think we do “have something” and “we make a hell of a duo baby”!! You didn’t know it then but I was looking for you..❤️ Thank you all for all the love and being on this journey with us. CP I’m so proud of you as a woman and as an artist! I love you and can’t wait to look back on this trip and see where the next 2 years takes us together my love. VEGAS HERE WE COME BAYBAY!!#acmawards"

Carly also posted the video with an equally sweet message that says "Dear self, remember 2 years ago when you were more than terrified at your first @acmawardsshow, being a red carpet correspondent when "every little thing" had just come out and you had no clue how to even walk in your heels or pose for cameras? Remember when you were super nervous interviewing @michaelraymusicbecause you thought he was super hot? Yeah... fast forward to now, where he's the love of your life, you're getting married AND YOU BOTH ARE NOMINATED FOR NEW FEMALE AND NEW MALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR 😭❤️ Yall, this blows everything out of the water. These are moments we are gonna tell our kids one day, baby. I'm so proud of you and the artist you are. You're right, we definitely DO "have something." 😭😭😭 ACMS HERE WE COME!#acmawards"

I so love this couple!!!!!

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