(video) Michael Thomas from the Saints got "pantsed"

For the sake of full disclosure, I am a Saints fan, so I will keep my "the refs cost The Saints a chance to go to the Superbowl" comments to myself.

But as we all saw the "no call," there was something that a lot of us may have missed, and that is LA cornerback Aqib Talib tackling New Orleans' Michael Thomas to the ground and nearly pulling his pants off in the process.  When watching the game, I saw Fox cut weirdly and quickly to the aerial shot of the Superdome, but it wasn't until a friend pointed out that he saw Thomas's rear end that I realized that Fox didn't really make an error.  It was a fast-acting producer trying to keep it all from being broadcast.

The NFL players certainly give their all in these big games, but this gives "letting it all hang out" a whole other meaning...

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots, who won the NFC and AFC Championship games, respectively, and will face off in Superbowl LIII February 3rd.  May everyone keep their pants.

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