John Osborne and wife have a talk with their baby

John Osborne from Brothers Osborne and his wife Lucie had a pretty scary moment on New Years Eve when their "baby," beloved dog Barley, got spooked by fireworks and ran away.  As a dog owner and dog lover myself, this is absolutely my worst nightmare.  I remember seeing this tweet and being so upset for John.

Five and a half hours after his first tweet, John posted that Barley had been found 5 miles away at his brother TJ's house!  Wow!!!

I can't imagine how relieved John and Lucie must've felt after finding Barley.  But how crazy is it that Barley traveled so far, yet found Uncle TJ's house?!?!

After a few days of breathing a sigh of relief, John and Lucie showed that they had an INCREDIBLE sense of humor by posting this video to Twitter, saying "sometimes you have to sit down and talk with your children.  Person to person."

It's great that they can find the humor in this.  I don't think I could.  I'd still be in the fetal position crying...

But most of all, I'm just glad that Barley is home and safe!

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