The Alamo Bowl ran out of Busch Light

What goes better with a football game than beer?  At last night's Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, either fans had SO MUCH FUN that they drank the venue dry, or the Alamodome never had enough beer to begin with.  Either way, it prompted fans to take to Twitter to beg for more beer...

And to back up a few hours, it seems as though the beer ran dry before the game even started!

But then the "Busch Guy" was deployed to get beer to the thirsty fans.  I'm sure he was like Superman flying down faster than a speeding bullet to save the night.

Apparently, this isn't the first time that fans of both Iowa State and Washington State have drank vendors dry.  According to a blog written by a WSU alum, WSU fans once drank a plane to Vegas dry, while the Des Moines Register had an article last year about ISU fans pretty much drinking Memphis dry during last year's Liberty Bowl.  

There were no follow up reports on whether or not fans dried out the Tylenol and Advil supplies :)

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