Jim Cantore is not in North Carolina. Yet.

You can call it "Fake News" at it's finest.  We've all heard how North Carolina is about to be hit by a major snow storm this weekend- which is NOT fake news- but Thursday, a picture went viral of Jim Cantore at Charlotte Douglas International Airport- and that is 100% fake news.

Everyone knows that when there is bad weather in the forecast and Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel shows up, it's time to hunker down!  And we should probably go ahead and prepare ourselves for a winter storm, considering what the meteorologists are calling for Saturday and Sunday, but we might not have it as bad as Asheville.  Asheville is actually where Jim Cantore is headed to Friday morning to report on the storm.

And as for that picture of Cantore taken at Charlotte Douglas?  It turns out that the picture was actually taken in January of 2015 in Boston when he went there to report on their major snowstorm.   Thank goodness we have Brad Panovich, a friend of Cantore's, to set us straight!  Brad texted with Jim Thursday morning, and Jim was still in Atlanta, the home of the Weather Channel.  Jim said he'll be headed out to Asheville Friday morning and that he will not be flying through Charlotte.  See Brad's Facebook post below.

Hunker down, Asheville!

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