Football reporter hit in the head by a football

You see it all the time.  You're watching a football game, the game gets a little aggressive, and next thing you know, a big ol' football player takes out a cameraman or photographer on the sideline.  Typically, everyone gets up, they brush themselves off, have a good laugh, and go on as if it never happened.

But yesterday during the Los Angeles Chargers-Tennessee Titans game from London, Melissa Stark of the NFL Network took a football to the back of the head.  And like a true pro, she shakes it off and keeps on going.  But as she points out in her tweet, it almost happened TWICE!  Do you think they were aiming at her?

OK, they probably weren't aiming at her.  As she said, she was just standing in a bad area.  And I'm certainly glad she's OK!!  

And not only is she OK, but she has a sense of humor about it, later tweeting this GIF and saying she's already off the injury report.  

We should all be able to laugh at ourselves so well :)

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