Man removes ankle bracelet, posts to Facebook, gets arrested

Earlier this year, a guy from Missouri pleaded guilty to violating a restraining order and was placed on probation.  Somewhere along the line, he was given an ankle monitor.  

Now, when you're placed on probation, you're not really allowed to leave the state, even though the ankle monitor lets authorities know where you are.  Interestingly enough, this guy has been posting on Facebook about his trips to Utah, Oregon, and Idaho.

And look, I'm no CSI person and I get that all of this is "alleged"... I certainly don't want to accuse anyone of anything, but maybe authorities weren't on to his trips because he figured out a way to get his ankle bracelet off and they didn't realize he left the state.  Or maybe they knew all along because... you know... he was POSTING ABOUT IT ON FACEBOOK.  But he also may have helped them out in either instance because not only did he post about his trips on Facebook, but in July he posted a video on Facebook- and made it PUBLIC- of how to get an ankle monitor off without breaking the circuit.

Side note... if someone wearing an ankle monitor tampers with the monitor or damages it, they can receive thousands of dollars in fines and be charged with a felony.

So yeah... court records show that several probation violations were filed this summer against him, an arrest warrant was issued, he has been in jail since the end of August, and earlier this week he was charged with tampering with electronic equipment.

The lesson to be learned here... other than DON'T BREAK THE LAW, of course... is probably to not post your stupidity on Facebook...

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