Krispy Kreme opens in Ireland, people lose their mind

People in Ireland are catching on to what us here in the Carolinas already know... that Winston-Salem-based Krispy Kreme is EVERYTHING!

You know how delicious those circles of glazed goodness are, right?  Especially when you're driving down the street, you pass a Krispy Kreme, and you see the red light on.  It just doesn't get any better than that and you can't help but stop.

Well, in Blanchardstown, Dublin, their first ever Krispy Kreme opened and it drove people into a frenzy!  There were lines around the building, and within the first week, Krispy Kreme was forced to end their overnight drive thru service thanks to long lines of beeping cars and a ton of complaints from neighbors.  Yep, Krispy Kreme is just as delicious in Ireland as it is here!

Of course, people took to Twitter to share the experience...

And in this tweet, Deirdre NAILED it!!!

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