Cleveland gets their free beer!

I grew up in Ohio and any of us Ohioans can tell you that there is only one REAL football team in Ohio, and that is the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Hahaha... Don't send hate mail, I was just having a little fun.  Plus, I'm from Columbus and that's how we're raised to think.  But all kidding aside, football is a big deal in Ohio, whether it's the Buckeyes, the Browns, the Bengals, even your local Friday night high school game.  We LOVE our football.

And Clevelanders love their team, through think and thin.  Let's face it, Cleveland has had some tough luck in football over the years.  They are used to being at the bottom of the football rankings.  And the marketing folks at Bud Light are geniuses.   

If you haven't heard, Bud Light came up with special beer fridges that would unlock when Cleveland won a game.  Last night, after 635 winless days, the beer fridges opened when Cleveland beat the New York Jets 21-17, and the city freaked out over free Bud Light.  And did I mention that the marketing folks at Bud Light are geniuses?  Because they are.  All anybody is talking about is Bud Light.  It almost overshadows Cleveland's win.  Almost...

Congrats, Cleveland.  Enjoy your beer!  And don't drink and drive.

And the people rejoiced with their free Bud Light.

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