A mystery bag of socks in the White House press briefing room

Back on May 17th, a White House Correspondent for The Daily Center named Saagar Enjeti tweeted a picture of a bag of socks that was laying on the floor in the White House press briefing room.  

Surely the White House has a cleaning staff or SOMEONE that would pick the bag of socks up, right?  Apparently not.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday, May 22nd.  Saagar Enjeti sent another tweet that the socks are still in the White House briefing room.

Skip ahead to yesterday, and the socks are STILL THERE.  What???  IT'S BEEN OVER A WEEK!

Now, I know what you're thinking...can't someone, ANYONE just pick the dang things up and toss them?

Apparently, people have become fascinated to know the fate of the socks.  I am typing this on Friday afternoon...as recently as Friday morning, Saagar Enjeti tweeted another follow up.

Well then.  To be continued...

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