Linebacker with one hand goes viral at NFL Combine

Shaquem Griffin was already known to some in the football world because of his unique situation- he's a linebacker who had his left hand amputated as a child- but after a record-breaking NFL Combine, he's about to be known to the world!

On Saturday, he cranked out 20 reps of 225 pounds with the help of a prosthetic on his left arm.

But that was just the beginning!  Next, he crushed a 40-yard-dash in 4.38 seconds.  He is the fastest linebacker to do that since 2003!  Look at this video...he's pretty much a blur he's so fast!

And by the way...Shaquem isn't just the fastest Linebacker at the combine.  He's third fastest in ALL positions, beating out every running back, tight end, and all but two wide receivers.  To demonstrate his speed, the NFL Network made a graphics of him running against NFL stars Julio Jones, Richard Sherman, and Zeke Elliott.  He beat them all.  To quote the commentator, "that 4.38 looks legit, man!"

That 4.38 ties his brother Shaquill Griffin, who hit 4.38 in the 2017 combine and was a third round draft for the Seattle Seahawks last year.

Remember his name.  Shaquem Griffin.  You'll be hearing more of him.

And best of all, NOTHING holds this guy back!  What a great story.

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