It's a SUPER weekend to enjoy iHeartRadio's All Access!

I love Country Music.  That's why I work here!  But I love other types of music too, and that's why I love the iHeartRadio app.  When I'm in a chill mood, I like to listen to artists like Frank Sinatra and similar artists.  When I workout, I am all about 80's Hair Bands and Motley Crue.  When I'm in a tear-in-my-beer mood, there is nothing like iHeartCountry Classics.  And when I want to learn or be entertained, I love checking out a podcast.

I also love discovering new music.  All day today, I have been checking out the new Justin Timberlake album on iHeartRadio.  Yeah, not just a Timberlake song.  THE. WHOLE. ALBUM.

iHeartRadio is free, but there is this neat little section referred to as All Access where you can get some REALLY cool stuff for a nominal fee, but this weekend, it's a Free Preview Weekend, so you can check out what you have been missing with no credit card and no obligation.

You're already on your phone or your computer (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, right?!), so click here, and check out all of the great things with the iHeartRadio All Access Free Preview Weekend.  Enjoy!

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