The beginning of my journey with HealthMax Center

I hope you have heard me mention HealthMax Center on the air.  This place is pretty great!  It's located near CMC Pineville, and the folks there are very friendly.  

See, I have always battled my weight.  I have never been "morbidly obese," but I have certainly battled to simply maintain a healthy weight, and over the last ten or so years, I have found myself overweight by about 15-20 pounds with a BMI higher than I should have.

I have dieted and exercised, but as soon as I made any progress, it seemed like one bad meal would COMPLETELY derail me.  It's so frustrating...I would lose five pounds, have a few beers and pizza with my friends, and just like that, everything I lost was gone...and sometimes everything I lost AND THEN SOME was gone.

Thanks to HealthMax Center, I really feel like I am FINALLY on the right track.  I love the fact that HealthMax Center isn't a "diet," per se, but it's just a healthier way of eating and living.  You's the darndest thing...when you eat crap, you feel like crap...but when you eat well, you feel well.  REALLY well.  And thanks to HealthMax Center, I AM eating well and felling GREAT!  I lost five pounds in my first week and I am off and running to FINALLY hit my goal!

If you are like me and just can't lose the weight without a little help, please give my friends at HealthMax Center a try.  Click here to find out more about them, and if you join, I would love to hear about your progress!  Let's do this together!

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