Time to put on your Drinking Pants!

I've found my new favorite comfy pants for just chillin' through the hoildays.... my limited-edition SoCo Drinking Pants!

Created in celebration of nationwide Thanksgiving Eve homecomings, SoCo’s one-of-a-kind Drinking Pants have been engineered specifically to make the most of the season’s conviviality—whether you’re at home or out on the town. In addition to a waistband that’s fully adjustable to accommodate the season’s libations and fare, Drinking Pants also feature:

The SoCo “Drinking Pants” feature:


  1. Shot Glass Pockets: The pants come with a perfectly sized shot glass pocket so drinkers can easily take the SoCo festivities with them wherever they go (or save a shot for later, you never know who you’ll run into being at your hometown bar and we want you to be prepared).
  2. Reversible Option for Thanksgiving Day: A reversible “fancy pants” option for partygoers is a classic, respectable black jogger and was included for drinkers not averse to wearing the same pants two days in a row. The reversable side is guaranteed to impress even the most discerning relatives at formal Thanksgiving Day gatherings. The reversable side also boasts a subtle shot glass pocket for the inevitable SoCo shot you’ll need during your family dinner.
  3. While one side is the “party pant” and the other side is the “I didn’t wear these out all night and am a respectable family member pant”  both options are black so when you inevitably spill or are spilled on you can hide the stains.
  4. A fully adjustable waistband: Included to accommodate the season’s libations and fare (we would never ask you to wear tight pants on this holiday weekend).
  5. A complementary SoCo shot glass: We know certain relatives won’t have them so didn’t want you to be without your necessities.

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