Paul Schadt & Sarah Lee's Show Rewind: Wednesday May 15th

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Happy Hump Day! Thank you to every single person who sent a talk back, called, sent a FB message, dm'd and reached out after I shared the news that my best friend of 13 years, Charli Roo, my Pomeranian crossed the rainbow bridge. Even typing this, tears stream down my face. I can honestly say, the pain my heart feels right now is the deepest grief I've ever experienced in my life. Tomorrow will be one full week without her and at times it feels like I'm suffocating.

Charli Roo came in my life when I was homesick, living by myself, working in New York City. After church every Sunday I would visit a pet store in NJ to love on the animals. The day I saw Charli, I wasn't looking for a dog. I barely had enough money to feed myself. Although I had my own place, I only had a mattress that was sitting on cylinder blocks. I had no couch, no tv, no savings and was living check to check, week to week.

My now husband who was my best friend at the time was with me when I saw Charli and the man at the pet store said if I didn't take her right then, she'd be gone by the end of the day because she was a pocket dog which was the fad at the time in NY. I answered with," I'm sure she'll go to a great home" and left the store. The next week, Rob asked how often I thought of the puppy and my response was: Every second of every minute, of every hour, of every day. So he told me to call the pet store and if she was there he would buy her and I could pay him each check until she's paid off.

From the second I got her we were inseparable. She came to work with me. Interviewed artists with me. Justin Bieber even tried to buy her from me but I told him there wasn't enough money in the world. I knew that God designed her specifically for me. Together, Charli Roo and I would praise God with every blessing... when I got a couch... a tv .... our picture was even going up TOGETHER with Nick Cannon in Time Square! This girl made all the tabloids from US Weekly, People Magazine and TMZ. She was a star but she was my baby. Every day I told her TOGETHER we can conquer the world and together we did just that.

She was in my wedding, there for the birth of both babies and traveled across the country more times than most humans. The vet told my husband she had been working that field for 20 years and had never seen two as close and me and Charli... because honestly we were like one person. People would say I'm crazy but that girl talked to me. I knew what she needed in how she communicated and those who've been in my life the last 13 years can attest to it.

Charli Roo was special and a gift from God.. And as I collapsed on the floor in pure grief, I still thank GOD for those 13 years and would take this pain over and over again.... so when I say THANK YOU for every single message and prayer... I mean that from the depth of my soul because it's only prayer that has held me together for the past week. I am so thankful for you and thank you for letting me share my story. Healing comes with sharing her memory.

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