Paul & Sarah Lee's Pet of the Week: Meet Wagner

Check out this handsome boy! Wagner has a typical "cat-like" Shar-Pei temperament. He loves his people and is very loyal but cuddle time is on his own terms. He would much prefer to lay next to you and play with his toy. Wagner is very independent. As long as he knows where you are, he will throw his toys up and chase them all on his own. Wagner is very intelligent and alert.

Like most Shar-Pei's he can be wary of strangers until he is introduced properly. Wagner enjoys playing with other dogs but does not like to share. Therefore, he needs to be the only dog in his home. Wagner will do best in a house with a fenced in yard. Apt. living will be too stressful on him.

Wagner is just under a year old and weighs about 50 pounds.

Right now this handsome boy is at but he would love to come home to you!!! Click HERE to find out more information on Wagner and how you can adopt him into your family. And big thank you to our animal loving friends at Accuvision Lasik who partner with us to find these babies a home.

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