Zach Brown Called Paul & Sarah Lee Ahead Of His Charlotte Concert

CRS 2022

Photo: Getty Images

This weekend, the Zach Brown Band is bringing the "Out in the Middle" tour to PNC!! We talked to Zach this Morning and he promises it'll be an above average show. During Covid, when the world was at a halt and artists weren't able to perform, Zach took out a major loan so he could personally help financially take care of his band mates. His team has had his back for so many years and he wanted to make sure he stuck by them. Zach also expressed how special it is to be back at live shows and hear the roar of the crowd... because it reminds us all how great our country and people are. Zach said music is a unifier and is apart of the medicine and we couldn't agree more!

The Zach Brown Band will be at PNC on Saturday, September 24th and if you'd like to see the show, you can get tickets at

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