This Is The Best Traditional Restaurant In North Carolina

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The food scene across North Carolina has grown over the last few years, offering foodies a chance to sample various authentic cuisines from around the world without having to leave the Tar Heel State. But what about the cuisine that shows what North Carolina has to offer to the culinary world?

Reader's Digest searched the country to find the best "traditional restaurant" in each state, one that best represents each state's individuality and culinary culture. From Southern-inspired staples and barbecue favorites to locally-harvested food and seafood classics, these restaurants run the gamut of flavor. According to the site:

"Our picks for the best traditional restaurant in each state include eateries serving dishes that reflect the locale, iconic establishments and places locals rave about."

So which restaurant was named the best traditional restaurant in North Carolina?


Located in a historic building in downtown Wilmington, this relative newcomer serves up sensational seasonal seafood favorites such as the NC Flounder Crudo, Peel and Eat NC Shrimp, and Fried Softshell Crab as well as non-seafood dishes like the Habanero Sorghum Pork Ribs and Grilled Brasstown Bavette Steak.

Seabird is located at 1 South Front Street in Wilmington.

Here's what Reader's Digest had to say:

"Historic Wilmington's Seabird may not have a legendary history, but this newcomer is already championing an essential connection to Wilmington's culinary land and seascapes. Celebrating the Atlantic's bounty of fresh seafood, the restaurant serves up locally caught fish, including barbecue oysters, swordfish schnitzel and fried smoked catfish. Wash it all down with wine or a craft beer, then plan how you'll spend the rest of your days in this beach community (we suggest beginner surfing lessons)."

To see each state's best traditional restaurant, check out the full list at Reader's Digest.

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