Luke Bryan & Riley Green Pull Prank On Fans At Packed Arena

CMA Fest 2022 - Day 3

Photo: Getty Images

Luke Bryan is the king prankster!! He and his wife Caroline are constantly pulling pranks on each other but Luke has now taken his prank pulling to new heights! Instead of pranking his family, he pranked an entire arena full of his fans!

Luke was performing in Knoxville, Tennessee which happens to be where country star Morgan Wallen grew up. Luke and Riley Green were on stage paying their respects to Morgan, covering his song "Whiskey Glasses" when the guys stop to "Welcome Morgan Wallen to the stage." Of course the crowd is going crazy!!!! But guess what....jokes on the fans because Morgan wasn't there.... Luke and Riley were just joking!!! The guys continued to welcome other "no show" artist to the stage until the crowd caught on that they were being pranked.

That is definitely one of his biggest pranks yet! You're wrong for that one Luke.... LOL

TikTok user Tanya.Tck shared a video of how it all unfolded... you can watch it HERE

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