NASCAR's Denny Hamlin Gives Drunk Guy A Ride Home

You can call for an UBER or just have NASCAR's Denny Hamlin give you a ride home! NASCAR fan, Kyle Jordan, partied a little too hard Saturday night at Watkins Glen and needed a ride home. I'm not sure how he ended up in Danny Hamlin's truck, but he did!! He tweeted Hamlin thanking him for his generosity "Helping a drunk guy get home."

But the story doesn't stop there. Hamlin responds the tweet to let the guy know he left his back back in his truck and to message him to get it back. (Smooth move Kyle!!)

And right when you think the story is over... Kyle's sister joins the Twitter conversation.

That is HANDS DOWN the best weekend story no one would ever believe without the pictures! Way to go Hamlin, that was a standup move!

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