'The Bachelorette' Premiere Recap!

Last night was the season premiere of "The Bachelorette" and for the first time ever, there are two ladies looking to find love. Gabby and Rachel both competed for Clayton's heart on "The Bachelor" and made it to the final three before he dumped them both at the same time. (Ouch) Now these two ladies are looking for their prince charming.

32 men showed up on night one. A few stand outs....

No Shirt Jacob! Whew!!!

Hello Fabio! Jacob Rapini is a mortgage broker from Scottsdale. This guy shows up shirtless for his introduction. He seems to love Jesus too so that's a plus.

Another guy who has potential to be a top contender is Ryan Mula. He's one of the oldest contestants of this season's competition. Ryan is an investment investor who lives in Boston. I really liked him a lot... until he had some alone time with Gabby and told her to hush as she was talking. (Naaaahhhhh dude.... ) Check his picture out HERE

Only 3 guys were eliminated last night. The magician Roby and the identical twins Justin and Joey.

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