Jefferson Elementary 4th Graders Raise Money To Support Orphans In Ukraine

The 4th graders at Shelby, North Carolina's Jefferson Elementary are raising funds and awareness for the needs of orphans in Ukraine. "This started out as a small class project of selling pencils and pencil toppers to the kids in the school," says Scott Sharp, father of 4th grader Tallula Sharp. "It got much bigger than they were expecting. They were hoping to sell at least $200 and they surpassed that on the second day."

Jefferson Elementary 4th grade teacher, Evonne Jenkins, happens to know people in Ukraine and has worked out logistics to get goods to the proper places in order to supply needs to the children in the orphanage. Some basic necessities have been a challenge to obtain since the war in Ukraine broke out.

Scott Sharp added, "The kids wrote letters to Senators, members of the House of Representatives, school board and even the President of the United States."

NC Senator, Ted Alexander paid a visit to Jefferson Elementary this morning, presenting the class with an American Flag that was flown over the state capitol. According to the Senator's Facebook post, "They will send this flag along with [the donations], and notes from the students to Ukraine, demonstrating their care, support and solidarity with their fellow man."

If you feel inspired to support their mission, you can find the link to Jefferson Elementary website HERE,

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