Free Gas Giveaway In Gastonia On Saturday!

Hand holding gas nozzle with one last drop. A man holding a green gasoline nozzle on a white background. hands of men who were holding an automatic nozzle to make refill oil.

Photo: Getty Images

If you're like me, you cringe at the thought of filling up the tank because gas prices are so high. Ted Greve & Associates are blessing the community with a free gas giveaway this Saturday, Feb 5th in Gaston County. The giveaway will take place at the Kingsway gas station located at 2701 Union road from 10am until noon. 10 gallons of free gas will be pumped into the vehicles of the first one hundred people in line.

Share this info with all your friends that could use a little free gas this weekend. And don't forget, every Tuesday and Thursday Morning at 8:15am... Paul Schadt and I pay YOUR bills. Grab the bill you'd like us to pay and submit it HERE. Then listen for your name every Tuesday and Thursday Morning at 8:15am on 96.9 The Kat.

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