Luke Combs' Guitarist "Rowdy" In Gastonia Bar

Sarah Lee & Rowdy Photo: Sarah Lee

You never know who's standing right next to you ... it may shock you when you find out!! Christmas night, my husband and I drove out to The Pickle Bar in Dallas, NC to hang with a guy named Rob Williford, but those who know him call him "Rowdy." People in Gaston County remember seeing Rowdy and his band 74 South Bound at Freeman's and other local bars but now ... instead of small local bars, he's performing in sold out stadiums right next to Mega Country star Luke Combs.

Yes! Rowdy is Luke Combs' guitarist but what you may not know is he also wrote some of Luke's biggest hits: "Beautiful Crazy", "Forever After All" and "One Number Away." Hanging with Rowdy... one thing stands out... he hasn't forgotten where he comes from. He is proud of his Gaston county roots. And that boy LOVES HIS MOMMA! After hearing stories about her time at awards' shows and her love for her son, we instantly started loving her too!!

As we were talking outside the Pickle, a woman walked up wearing a Luke Combs sweatshirt. She may have been a fan but Rowdy treated her as a friend and made her day!! He's the guy that makes everyone feel welcome and validated. The lady was blown away at the fact that Luke Combs' guitarist was hanging out at a local bar in Gaston County. It's so crazy to think... had she not worn that sweatshirt she may have never known who was standing right next to her. Needless to say, she was shocked to find out!!!

Heather in her Luke Combs sweat shirt Photo: Sarah Lee

And make sure you check out the latest song Rowdy wrote.... LOVE THIS one too!

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