Paul Schadt & Sarah Lee's Fishing Competition: Results Are In

This weekend, Paul Schadt and I had our first annual fishing competition to see who would earn the bragging rights for catching the biggest fish. Captain Jason May from First Response Fishing Charters and first mate Jeff Jackson had us on King Mackerel's within the first five minutes of dropping lines. Within ten minutes Paul and I both had a fish in the boat. Both fish were around the same size....

But then....

You see the rod bend, Paul gets there first and we know it's a big one because the fish is fighting pretty hard. And it was big.... and that's when first mate Jeff shared that his money was on Paul to win the tournament. The fish was so big that as Paul was holding it, it bit him in the leg with it's razor sharp teeth as it tried to get back into the water. But here's the thing about fishing, it's a game of patience and understanding... so I fished on... unbothered. (haha)

Pretty soon we had five fish in the boat... but then... it happened!!!! My rod bent... the line was flying... and I knew whatever was on the other end was massive. I fought and fought this fish... Captain May may have had to hold the end of my rod so I didn't fly in.... as I was getting the fish in, it got the Captain's leg and ripped his good luck shorts, leaving a huge gash. (Sorry Jason)

That's right.... a girl out fished the men! My Daddy taught me well (thanks Dad) ! So YES!!!! Paul Schadt had to pucker up and kiss a fish!!! A fish with razor sharp teeth!

A ginormous thank you to Captain Jason May of First Response Fishing Charters and First Mate Jeff Jackson for taking us out, giving us the best fishing experience! We saw dolphins, sharks and caught lots of fish. The weather was perfect and so was the boat entertainment. I can't wait to book a charter with my boys to make memories that last a life time.

To book a charter with Captain Jason May CLICK HERE or follow him on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

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