Carrie Underwood's Fishing Picture Causing Controversy

Earlier this month, Carrie Underwood shared a picture from a fishing trip with her husband, Mike Fisher. Carrie is sporting a two piece bathing suit and holding up a small fish for the quick selfie with the caption #Catch and Release . While most fans were posting positive comments about her fishing skills and how great she looks.... a few weren't so happy with the idea of catch and release.

They commented:

"I think this is cruel to the poor fish, unless you respect them enough to hunt for sustenance. Stop torturing the animals"

"Nice dose of CRUELTY"

"Funny how most are commenting on Carrie's beautiful body (which she works hard for) and not about animal cruelty. There is lots to do together or with your kids you don't need to catch and release. How do you explain the pain and suffering of the fish."

Check out the picture below causing all the commotion.

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