Is Chris Lane Naming His Son After Paul Schadt?

Paul Schadt standing in front of Paul Schadt Lane

Chris Lane and his beautiful wife Lauren Bushnell are expecting a baby any day now. One of the hardest things new parents face, is coming up with the perfect name for their baby. Chris picked out the name "Rambo" for his son but it was quickly shot down by his wife, and for good reason; that's a terrible name LOL.

We thought we'd help Chris out and give him the PERFECT name for his new baby. Because there's a street in Mint Hill named Paul Schadt Lane, we suggested that Chris name his baby Paul and middle name Schadt, and then his son would already have a road named after him, Paul Schadt Lane. Get it?

Chris Lane laughed and said he'd think about it... something tells me he secretly shot that name idea down as quickly as his wife shot down Rambo.

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