Need Gas? Here's How To Find Gas Stations With Gas In Your Area


It seems like every gas station we pass by has a bag over the pump handle, showing they've ran out of fuel. On May 7th, the Colonial Pipeline reported a cyber-attack which resulted in a temporary shutdown of the line. This is North Carolina's primary fuel pipeline so we knew there would be a temporary inconvenience as this issue gets worked out.

Once the news was out, many people rushed to fill their tanks, some even bringing along gas cans to fill up as well. Now many of us are left on empty and are searching to find a station where you can fill up. If you find yourself looking for gas, there's an app that shows you the closest place to fill up so you're not left driving around with no result. Download the free app GasBuddy from the app store. (Or check it out at The GasBuddy app shows you the surrounding gas stations that have fuel and also shows you the stations along your route where you can fill up as well.

Things should be better by the end of the week so hang in there, stay calm, and know that this too shall pass!

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