Sarah Lee & Her Son Bear's "Super Model" Baseball Coaches

Bear's "Super Model" Coaches and their "Super Model" wives

This baseball season has gotten off to a fun and very awkward start! It all started at Bear's first coach pitch baseball practice at the Kings Mountain YMCA. (face palm)....

As my husband and I were watching Bear practice, I smelled a big dose of cologne. I have NO idea who was wearing it, I just liked the scent and made mention to my husband, "Do you smell that cologne? I like that fragrance I wonder what it is...." My husband's immediate response was, "Great, my son's being coached by super models and my wife likes the way they smell." Ya'll I died .... it was one of those moments you just had to hear how he said it.

I did a little Facebook live that evening because I couldn't believe what my husband said.... (you can watch below) ....

Now, I must add that these "super model coaches" have "super model" wives and ya'll these women are the best. Thanks to my husband's awkward comment, I've gotten to know these ladies and their hearts match their beauty. AND ya'll .... you know my love for highland cows.... one of the ladies on the team even has highland cows!!! And another one of the super model moms invited us to Church this Sunday when she heard we were looking for a church home. So needless to say, I've just gained the coolest new friends (thanks Rob!!)

Big thank you to the coaches and their wives for being great sports!! GO METS!

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