Pandemic Pregnancy Packs Rockhill Hospital Parking Lot

Covid will try to ruin a milestone moment, like the fanfare commonly associated with the birth of a new daughter, But the coronavirus and all its restrictions were no match for a grandmother, willing to go through hell and high water to make sure the moment of her new grandbaby's arrival was marked with much-deserved, memorable celebration.

96.9 the Kat listener Makayla Helms has witnessed the restrictions of how this pandemic can affect a pregnancy, since covid hit just days after she found out she was pregnant.

"It was so hard to find joy in my pregnancy when I was having to face doctors' appointments alone, and was unable to celebrate in large groups with my family," said Makayla, 22. "Honestly everything was different. Everything I was excited for about pregnancy, Covid took that from me. I dreaded labor because I already knew I would have to face it alone. Every Daughter wants their mama, especially when they are in pain no matter the age."

On October 9th Makayla gave birth to her new daughter in Rock Hill.

"My mom not only figured out how to access the window of the room we were in, but she also orchestrated a party in the parking lot of the hospital allowing all of the family to be a part of this special moment," Makayla recalled.

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