Why Did Luke Bryan Vandalize Tim Tebow's Heisman Trophy?

Luke Bryan is now the proud owner of Tim Tebow's Heisman trophy and you won't believe what he has done to it. Luke Bryan shared a video on Instagram explaining how the trophy ended up in his possession. Last year during Luke Bryan's charity event, the Red Bird games, Tebow put his beloved trophy up for auction to raise money for the Brett Boyer Foundation. If you won the bid, you would be the proud owner of the trophy for 6 months. Luke's wife was the winning bidder and this is where the fun begins.....

We all know that Luke's family are HUGE Georgia Bulldog fans. The University of Florida and the University of Georgia are huge rivals and Tebow won the heisman as a sophomore while playing for Florida. This weekend the two rivals play down in Jacksonville, FL so Tebow chose the perfect week to drop the trophy off at Bryan's home.

See how Luke Bryan feels about the timing of the drop off and watch what he does to the trophy!

Let the games begin!! Luke may have Tebow's Heisman trophy but Tebow has Luke's 2015 CMA Entertainer Of The Year trophy .... and well.... Tebow did a little vandalizing too!

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