Unbelievable Video: Paul Schadt Did THIS for The First Time In His Life!

Paul Schadt is the smartest and most talented person I've ever worked with so when he told me he did THIS for the first time in his life, my mind was blown. Paul and I just celebrated our two year work anniversary and one thing I know, his wife Kathy is the MOST INCREDIBLE wife in the world. Before the days of covid when we worked in the studio, Paul would come in every morning with what I personally call a gourmet turkey sandwich. Not sandwich meat but mean from a Thanksgiving style turkey! Once we started working from home, I would watch him eat "gourmet" oatmeal on our video chat. Every Morning Kathy would fix his breakfast with fresh fruit and make sure he is well taken care of. I never once imagined that Kathy did this because PAUL CAN'T COOK! (LOL)

Paul was home alone and wanted bacon. BACON Y'ALL! What did he do? He called Kathy and asked her how to fix it!!! hahahaha! He wanted to know if he was supposed to put butter in the pan before putting the bacon in there. When Paul sent me the video of his first time cooking bacon, I had to document this milestone moment so we never forget! It looks great Paul, good job!!!