I Have The Coronavirus...

You always think someone else is gonna get it, but not you.... until you do. Hey ya'll, it's Sarah Lee and I have the coronavirus. Working from home, wearing masks at the grocery store, washing my hands and yet I still managed to become a statistic. I'm sharing my journey with you so you know some of the signs to look out for.

Last weekend, I woke up with sinus pressure and ran a small fever for a few hours.... that's it. No more fever. I don't have a cough... but I did sound congested and was extremely tired. I'm a "professional napper" due to my work schedule and having two young kids at home so I just chalked the tiredness up to a busy week of playing. My husband woke up on Wednesday with a fever, coughing, and had stomach issues and that's when I became alarmed. I took us to get tested thinking he had covid but didn't think I did. Turns out.... my test came out positive and his came out negative. (They are treating him anyway because the doctor thinks he got a false negative.)

So we are quarantined as a family for 14 days as we try and heal from this nasty virus. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the prayers and positive messages you sent my way... it truly is medicine to my soul! I'll keep you updated as much as I can!


Sarah Lee

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