Sarah Lee's Sexy Halloween Costume For 2020

Picture: Sarah Lee with her husband and kids last Halloween

Are you planning to dress up for Halloween this year, even though Halloween may be cancelled due to the covid pandemic? We are! Every year, my husband and I, along with our kids and pets dress up together for Halloween. Each year our son Bear will picks out the character he wants to be and then we work our characters in around his. (The picture above is from this past Halloween) This year, Bear is really into Pokemon and so is our two year old son Zion who walks around the house saying Pi-Kaaaa-tuuuuuuu (and it's the cutest thing ever.)

So of course we are ditching our "Incredible" family and moving on to Pokemon! Zion will be Pikachu, Bear will be Bulbasaur, my husband Rob will be the Pokemon ball and I will be the Pokemon master, Ash. I clearly was sleep deprived and not thinking clearly when I ordered my costume. My husband said it was "perfect" but after thinking it through... I'm gonna have to REALLY TONE IT DOWN before I walk out the house in this thing!

Wanna see what it looks like? CLICK HERE

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