Gastonia Family Has Pet Zebras In Their Front Yard

If you live in the Gastonia area, you've probably known about these zebras for years! A family that lives near Forestview High School has two pet zebras that can often be seen grazing grass in their front yard. Imagine the shock many people experience driving down the road as they look over and see zebras standing in someone's front yard! LOL

How cool is that?! The home is just outside the city limits and yes, it's perfectly legal to own Zebras in North Carolina! Owning a zebra is much like owning a horse (from what I've read) and they're also pricey like a horse as well!

I've been told the owners don't mind if you drive by to see their zebras but please don't feed them. You may accidentally give them something they're not supposed to have.

What a cool zebra owning family right here in Gastonia!!!

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