South Carolina Governor Announces Plans for Public Schools

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster announced Wednesday thatall schools across the state should begin forming reopening plans that will send kids back to school five days a week or give parents the option to enroll their children in virtual learningif they're uncomfortable with COVID-19 concerns.

McMaster said the state would not approve any plans filed by a district that doesn't give parents a choice over sending kids back to school. 

"We need to do everything to get our kids back in the classroom," McMaster said. "We must do it safely, we must do it carefully, but we must do it."

"Today,I am calling on all school districts to give parents the option to send kids five days a week or keep them at home and learn virtually," McMaster said. "We must give parents the choice. This is the only thing we are asking the districts today: to give parents the choice."

During Wednesday's briefing, McMaster also suggested schools reopen September 8, the day after Labor Day. The governor explained that would give districts time to implement new routines, class schedules, bus routes and more details for the upcoming year.

"Schools must have face-to-face learning," McMaster said. "If kids fall behind, they may never catch up and we may have a generation lost."

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