North Carolina Governor to Announce Back to School Plan

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper will announce Tuesday guidelines for whether students in the state's public schools will return to classrooms or virtual education in the upcoming school year amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The announcement, which is expected at 3 p.m. Tuesday, will guide public K-12 schools, which ended their spring classes online over health concerns.

Cooper had been expected to originally make the announce July 1. The delay allowed officials to review more data; numbers which has shownNorth Carolina reporting an upward trend in coronavirus data, including setting record numbers of cases and hospitalizations in the past week alone.

State officials have been reviewing three proposals: 

  • One that would return students to in-person, classroom instruction with social distancing
  • A plan for all remote learning
  • And a hybrid of both in-person and remote learning

The first day of school in North Carolina is scheduled for August 17. 

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