CMS Leaders Debating the Reopening Process Ahead of New School Year

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Students in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools district are set to set start the new school year on August 17, but what that return to school will look like is still undecided. 

The district is now considering three options — in-person learning, virtual learning, or a mix between the two.

Deanna Peck is both a parent and a teacher and she says she’s torn about what option may be best.

“As a parent I want my daughter to be safe and healthy, “Peck said. “But I’m afraid if I can’t bond with my students, if I can’t interact with them and get to know them I won’t be as connected and help them achieve their goals for the school year.”

In an hours-long virtual meeting Wednesday night, the CMS Board of Education debated and discussed each of the different options to return to school. 

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