In A Room Full Of New Faces Be Pete Davidson "The King Of Staten Island"

I am not a fan of comedy shows, I know I'm one of the very few, but I can't fake laugh to save my life. Back in 2011, I was working with Nick Cannon on a Morning Show in NYC. I would get up at 2:30am every Morning and start my day so when my husband (who was then my boss) asked me to go to a comedy show in Staten Island, my answer was a hard no. But there I was, sitting at the Looney Bin, a hole in the wall comedy club in Staten Island. The venue was extremely small and the only people in the audience were the guest at our table...former Capitol Records VP Tony Monte, his wife, myself and Rob. And 10 other people.

The first act that took the stage was an elderly magician, "are you kidding me.... I'm staying up late for this?," is all I could think. Following the magic act, they called for a 16-yr-old kid to take the stage, his name was Pete Davidson. At that point, I was furious that I was losing sleep over this. But then.... Pete started his act.... and ME... the girl who never laughs at comedy shows.... had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard.

Months went by and I really never thought of Pete UNTIL, my husband (then boss) told me he was putting together a station event, "Nick Cannon's Fresh Faces of Comedy" and he needed comedy acts. Knowing I loathe comedy, he asked me who I would recommend.

PETE DAVIDSON!!!!! Luckily for us, the magician from the Looney Bin had given me a business card. We were able to, through him, contact Pete Davidson who agreed to join the show!!!

16-year-old Pete Davidson had the entire audience in tears and on their feet by the time he finished his act. He was SO good that the following Morning, while on air with Nick Cannon... we called and woke Pete up.... and let him know that Nick Cannon wanted to sign him! And then the rollercoaster ride began!

Pete, like a brother to me, would join us at the station.... comedy shows.... station events. He instantly became family! His Mom and sister who I adore equally as much got adopted into the family too! What I adore most about Pete is his transparency. He is who he is. He doesn't change to fit the mold... the mold will adjust to him. He is WISE and CARING with a huge heart of gold. Pete's work ethic is like something I've never seen.

At 16, he would go from one open mic to the next as he perfected his craft. He wrote comedy for well known comedians, became a regular on two MTV shows and became the youngest member of the Saturday Night Live cast. BUT NOW... HIS MOVIE COMES OUT on demand!!! "Pete Davidson The King Of Staten Island."

I first saw Pete in Staten Island, in a room with very few people but I'm not surprised that he is NOW the King Of Staten Island. I love you Pete, and I'm SO INSANELY PROUD OF YOU!

Pete Davidson's "King of Staten Island" on demand June 12th!

We were babies .... Pete Davidson & Sarah Lee
Pete and Bear before a show in Tennessee

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