Hummingbird Feeder: HATS and RINGS It's A Thing

Ya'll, who in the world knew there was such a thing as a hummingbird feeder hat? A man in Santa Monica, California made this brillant invention that allows you to have an upclose and personal relationship with hummingbirds. The hat has three little feeders attached to it, allowing the birds to fly by your face while they grab some food. This brillant gentleman sales hummingbird items and raffles the hats for free on his website at

I was so intrigued, I did some searching and found other unique hummingbird feeders, like a hummingbird ring feeder by ZUMMR sold on Etsy....See them by clicking here

Photo Credit: Etsy/ZUMMRHummingbirdRing

And there's also hummingbird feeder bracelets on Etsy sold by "hummer wristfeeders" click HERE to see. What a great gift to give the bird lovers in your life!

Photo Credit: Hummer Wrist feeders / Etsy

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