Gov. Cooper Says Get Tested for COVID-19 if You've Been in Crowds

RALEIGH, N.C. — Gov. Roy Cooper is asking anyone who's been out in crowds to get tested for COVID-19 as the state hits an all-time high for hospitalizations.

"We are seeing more viral spread, and these numbers are concerning," Gov. Cooper said. "If you have been in any kind of crowd, please go get tested. When you’re around people, wear your masks and try to keep six feet away from others. Especially if you are a leader, set a good example." 

Dr. Mandy Cohen said as North Carolina is seeing higher numbers of coronavirus cases, the chance of someone getting the virus increases. 

"Our metrics have moved in the wrong direction," Dr. Cohen said. "COVID-19 hospitalizations are increasing and stand at 739 statewide." 

According to Dr. Cohen, North Carolina's percent of positive cases is now among the highest in the nation. 

"I am concerned," Dr. Cohen said. 

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