Charlotte Man Is On The Run...But For A Great Cause

Kat listener, Jackie Webb, sent us a message Monday night letting us know her brother-in-law was running from Charlotte to Nashville and he had just passed through Kings Mountain. Joshua Miller has a goal of running 30 miles a day to reach Nashville by June 30th. Joshua is using his passion of running for a great cause, to raise money for the kids of St. Jude.

St. Jude has a special place in Joshua's heart. He credits them for saving his life when he was 5 years old. (Read more about his story here) Joshua's daughter Lilly also has a special place in her heart for St. Jude. Her best friend, Zoe Oliver, who has beaten leukemia twice, received medical care there. The Millers have a goal of raising $83,000 by June 30th and they're already 24% there!

By the time I caught up with the Miller family, they had already made it 30 miles from Kings Mountain to Lattimore and were taking a moment to rest at the Number Seven Volunteer Fire Station off of Westlee St (for those following the journey). Joshua Miller, his wife Miranda,who is also a huge Charlotte blogger (see more here) their two daughters, Miranda's Mom and Dad and they're dog are all traveling together!!! Miranda follows behind Joshua in her suv as he runs and her Dad drives the family's RV. Her Mom stays busying helping the girls do their school work while the pup enjoys the ride.

I instantly fell in love with this family the moment I met them! Their hearts are as wide as the sea and their personalities are equally as big!! There is NO DOUBT in my mind.... Joshua WILL reach his goal! But he needs your help!

CLICK HERE to follow their journey to Nashville, to read more about their cause and to donate!

See the gallery of pictures from tonight's meeting, below!

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