Something In The Background Of JLO's Picture Has Everyone Talking

Fans of Jennifer Lopez noticed something odd in one of her recent Instagram photos. In the picture, she took a mirror selfie post workout. She captioned the picture, "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." It's not her fit body that has every one talking. Fans noticed there is an unidentified man hiding in the background. The man was NOT J'Lo's fiancee, A-Rod. (Disclaimer... it took me 30 minutes to see the man everyone was talking about)

E! News reported that the man wasn't an intruder. He was on a video chat with J'Lo's fiance A-Rod.

"Their office is attached to a gym and is separated by curtains from their office space. When they are doing a Zoom they project it onto a big screen." 

"If you look closely you can see Alex's arm in a navy blue shirt. He's sitting in front of their desk, with the big screen on it, so the image of the person you're seeing is who is on his Zoom call. That man was covering his mouth with his hand." 

Check out the picture below. Look very closely and you'll see the man right behind J'Lo's left shoulder .

Photo Credit: JLo Instagram....

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