Classroom Central Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week Remotely

With the remote learning challenges COVID-19 has brought on, our teachers deserve more appreciation than ever. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and Classroom Central is looking to celebrate those assisting our students remotely.

For decades, Classroom Central has been making sure local teachers get the necessary student supplies for free – but for the first time, the non-profit is assisting teachers teach from home. While schools have been closed for the past few weeks, teachers are still teaching. This led to Classroom Central creating a drive-through shopping experience with pre-packed bags of materials to assist teachers with their remote work. Once announced, over 200 teachers signed up to participate. It was so well received that the non-profit is hosting a second "Teacher Supply Drive-Thru" today, May 6th in an effort to provide teachers with the tools they need. A third is currently scheduled for Tuesday, May 19th.

Our teachers and students need the assistance now more than ever, and Classroom Central invites you to help them from home. The non-profit has created several remote volunteer opportunities in response to COVID-19, such as:

  • Assemble Kits for a Cause - Purchase kits through their wholesale partner and ship them to the location of your choice
  • Create Flashcards & Bookmarks - Get to crafting by using the non-profit's templates (or make your own!)
  • Declutter & Donate Books - Use this extra time to donate unused school supplies or books for young readers (Pre-K through 12th grade)
  • Write Notes of Encouragement - Write letters of encouragement to students & teachers (to be delivered once the stay-at-home order is lifted)
  • Die Cut Shapes - Use your scrapbooking tools to create classroom decorations
  • Assemble STEM Kit Supplies - Make kits for the STEM Lending Library that provides students/teachers with hands on lesson plans and activities, focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
  • Knit Hats & Scarves for Fall - Help keep students warm and focused in the classroom by knitting them hats and scarves
  • Create Dry Erase Boards - Repurpose household items like picture frames, photo albums, and etc. to help students practice their handwriting

Just as teachers adapted to remote learning, Classroom Central has been responded to this crisis by:

  • Deploying an estimated 20,000 remote learning kits to local schools
  • Partnering with food pantries and domestic violence shelters to provide school supplies and hygiene kits to homeless families
  • Promptly shifting resources to meet the changing needs of students and teachers by starting an Emergency Fund.

The COVID-19 crisis has created many new challenges for thousands of families in the Carolinas - forcing them to make decisions between rent and food. In an effort to relieve some of these problems for students and teachers, Classroom Central has set up an Emergency Fund to help students keep up in school. For every dollar donated, Classroom Central will distribute $9 worth of school supplies. Donations will ensure every student and teacher has access to the supplies they need.

For more about volunteer opportunities & donation information, visit

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