SC Man Sits Outside Cancer Center With Signs Supporting Wife Inside

Dennis Cockrell from Greenville, SC and his wife Diana have been inseparable for over twenty years until recently. Diana is currently undergoing chemo treatments and because of the COVID-19 outbreak, no visitors are allowed at the hospital. Dennis wasn't letting the restriction stop him from supporting his wife during a time when she needs him the most.

Dennis made sure that his wife knew that even though he couldn't physically be there with her, he was still with her supporting her every step of the way. Dennis knew that there was an area of the hospital that his wife could see out the window so there Dennis sat, with signs and a lawn chair. In big letters the sign read, I'm here and I love you. And there he sat, all day long, with actions revealing how much love he has for his wife!

Diana shared the pictures on Facebook with the caption: "Because of the ‘rona,Denniscan’t be with me in person while I get my chemo treatment. But he found my second-story window and set up his chair and his message. The nurses here are quite impressed with him, and a few cried. I just know that Dennis is a gift from God, a rare and valuable one. He sees me at my very worst (especially lately), yet he shows me an invincible love."

Thank you for sharing your beautiful love story with us. We are praying and believing for a complete healing and many more years of fairy-tale love.

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