What Are You Most Looking Forward To Doing When The Pandemic Is Over?

The Corona-Virus pandemic has completely rocked our worlds. Normal daily routines got completely turned around. We've all felt the uncertainties of what each new day may bring and we hope for better days ahead. One thing is for sure, I've learned not to take even the smallest things for granted. Like spending time with my family and the ability to hug someone to let them know how much I care.

The hardest thing during this stay-at-home order for me is not being able to go inside my parent's house and hug them. No matter how old I get, I still find comfort in their embrace. I've had a lot of self reflection during this time. I've noticed that I had prioritized things in my life that shouldn't have held such priority in my life and also noticed I spent time worrying about things that really don't matter. I've gained a stronger relationship with the Lord and even gained a stronger relationship with my husband. It's amazing how much changes when you just slow down and stop the hustle and bustle of life.

So, the big question is.... now what are you most looking forward to when this pandemic is over? For me....

  1. Going to my parents house... giving them the biggest hug they've ever received and then enjoy a nice home cooked meal and take a nap on their couch.
  2. Going to church to get my praise on. No back row sitting for me... you'll find me on the first or second row.
  3. Thanks to an episode of JoJo Siwa, my 5 year old son Bear now wants to try indoor sky flying.... I hope to take the family to iFly in Concord and do a little indoor sky flying.
  4. SELF MAINTENANCE... this momma is long overdue for a hair cut!! I'd like to get a deep tissue massage and a pedicure too!
  5. Family vacation to the BEACH! Head out to North Myrtle and collect seashells.. throw a dollar on the wall at Hamburger Joes and putt putt with the kids
  6. Dine in and continue to support my favorite local restaurants In Kings Mountain... Wiener Works, Loves Fish box and grab some ice cream at Swoogers.

Times may be challenging right now, but things will get better! We will make it through this season and have a new appreciation for things we once took for-granted. Hang in there.... we can and will make it through this!

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